Surgical Tools & Assistance Devices

for Interventional Radiology

InLine-Med develops assistance devices, which help radiologists to perform safe, precise & easy needle-based interventions. Those devices should be easily integrated in the current free hand approaches while solving the problem of ergonomic difficulties due to space limitations within the imaging device, reducing the radiation exposure for the radiologist during the procedure and saving time due to a fast needle alignment.

Additionally, InLine-Med is developing needles and further surgical tools to provide the radiologist with a complete package:

Navigation & Assistance Devices


Necessary Surgical Tools





Our solution is supporting the radiologist in needle-based interventions such as pain therapy, biopsies or radiofrequency ablation under image guidance. It consists of three components, which allow the radiologist an intutive, safe and accelerated positioning of the needle. Therefore, the devices are focused on high usability, a small footprint, a multi-purpose application and time-efficiency. 




Flexible marker grid for anatomical orientation

Needle-guide for fast and accurate needle alignment



Software for visualization and intervention planning


InLine-Med devices are focused on high usability, a small footprint and a multi-purpose application. InLine-Med assistance devices


provide an improved usability as they are reduced to the necessary features and support the radiologist to position the needle in a simple and intuitive way. Moreover, the devices are designed to be handy. 

have a small footprint to easily integrate them in the existing clinical set-up and to not disturb the existing workflow.

are for multi-purpose usage. This allows clinics to obtain just one device for many procedures, saving costs and storage space.

enable a reduced time for needle-based interventions as the needles alignment is found fast and kept accurately. Due to a shorter procedure time, the clinic saves costs and the patient benefits from a fast care.

Combining these factors, InLine-Med devices allow every clinic to have access to assistance devices for image-guided interventions. Thus, the clinics can perform safer and more precise procedures within a shorter time and at the same time making the workflow more convenient.

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